Teenagers are honest, passionate and  unique. I admire these traits and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to discover them in each young person I work with. I have experience working with teenagers with a variety of concerns including substance use, ADHD, disobeying house rules & family conflict, anxiety, depression, self injury, suicidality, identity formation, trauma, relationships and more. I understand that this time of life is complex and difficult to understand -even when you're the one living it! I take a relaxed and easy manner with teens, allowing them ample space to express themselves openly. I often have teenage clients thank me for truly listening to them and working to understand where they are coming from. I have spent the last three years working with teenagers mandated to drug and alcohol treatment, and have in depth experience identifying clients' strengths and helping them to build on these to find success.  I have advanced training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy with adolescents and often integrate these skills into my work with teens. 

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Are you concerned for your child due to behavioral problems, issues in school or difficulty with strong emotions? I offer help with a range of child-related issues including ADHD, defiance/acting out, anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, family relationships, grief and handling difficult transitions or changes. My very first job in the world of mental health was at a residential facility for children ages 5-12 whose behaviors could not be contained in the home. I was a witness to the toughest cases in the state, and it was my job to keep them safe and help them to build the skills to be successful. From this experience and further training, I gained a wealth of knowledge into how to identify a child's needs which motivate behaviors, anticipate triggers and work with their support team to reduce problem behaviors and distress. I believe all children do well if they can, and together work to increase a child's skills utilizing the Collaborative Problem Solving approach. 


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My goal is to create a warm and welcoming space that is comfortable for families and individuals of all ages!

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I am qualified to meet your needs in other areas as well. If you are part of a couple looking to do relational work, an adult looking to process family issues in a safe space, a solo parent looking for help and guidance, about to start a journey as a married couple or parents, or simply an individual looking for a listening ear. I will meet you where you are and work with you to achieve your goals. Clients of all ages, genders, orientations, faiths, nationalities, status and abilities are welcome and accepted in this space. 

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is one of the newer methods of therapy that is becoming more and more popular for one simple reason - it works! People who feel trapped by their memories or experiences, constantly on guard for triggers or the next anxiety attack, are finding relief through this ground breaking approach. It works by identifying memories in the brain which trigger your fight or flight response, and learning to dismantle that trigger by stimulating both sides of the brain. It's that simple. This is not a talk-intensive therapy, and it is successful for people of all ages.  It can be used to treat generalized anxiety, social anxiety, complex or single-event trauma, phobias, addiction, and more.